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Get these free music tracks with the Creative Commons license. Use the music in your videos, photos, business, school and more! Download your free music right here!

All you need to do is stately clearly in your projects or in the credits:
“Insert Track Title here” Music by Jay Man“.

To download, simply right-click then select “Save Link As…”



Knockout King

Battling action. Aggressive, strong and firm determination. Medium tempo.
Download “Knockout King” for free now



La Cucaracha

mexico, mexican. Well known tune “La Cucaracha” – orchestra arrangement, light, fun.
Download “La Cucaracha” for free now



Lady Cool Breeze

Laid-back, mellow. Piano, guitar, vocal fx.
Download “Lady Cool Breeze” for free now



Laid Back Charm

Steady back beat support twangy guitar in this easy on the ear pop rock piece.
Download “Laid Back Charm” for free now



Laid Back Evening

An easy yet driven, smooth acid jazz track with groovin’ bass lines, organ and guitar lead.
Download “Laid Back Evening” for free now



Laid Down

Modern Jazz – Jazzy, Relaxed Grooves. Relaxed rhythm section accompanies soloing Jazz Trumpet in this laid-back track.
Download “Laid Down” for free now



Land Forgotten

Male choir with sitar and eastern influence scales. Medium to uptempo.
Download “Land Forgotten” for free now