free royalty free music for download

free royalty free music for download


Free royalty free music for download is just a click away. I do ask that you credit me when using the music or send me a couple of bucks to treat me to a drink. OurMusicBox music is not only free but also royalty free. There is no need to sign up or make special requests to download the music. IÕd appreciate you share and let others know about the site.

All you need to do is stately clearly in your projects or in the credits:
“Insert Track Title here” Music by Jay Man“.

To download, simply right-click then select “Save Link As…”



Scat Away

Female jazz vocalist scatting to a fast paced jazz piece featuring saxophone and walking double bass.
Download “Scat Away” for free now



Sailors Hornpipe

Well-known popular tune.
Download “Sailors Hornpipe” for free now



Salsa Sauce

Dance number with salsa flavored rhythm featuring trumpet and flute. Medium tempo.
Download “Salsa Sauce” for free now



Waltz For The Queen

A waltz theme fit for royalty with soaring and swirling strings. Grand, proud, majestic.
Download “Waltz For The Queen” for free now



Salute To The Fallen

Snare drum, trumpet and string section play to this solemn, sad and proud piece.
Download “Salute To The Fallen” for free now



Proud Announcement

Old solo piano – mid tempo, grand, confident.
Download “Proud Announcement” for free now



Three Blind Mice

Well known tune “Three Blind Mice” – sweet and simple, cute.
Download “Three Blind Mice” for free now


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