royalty free instrumental music

royalty free instrumental music


Most of my royalty free music on is royalty free instrumental music. I do not have a vocalist that I partner with but if you intend to sing over my tracks, you are most welcome but do drop me a note first. Instrumental music tracks work better for videos, photos productions as they can be built upon and remixed.

Great music and brilliant sound effects can do magic for a creative or commercial multimedia project. Thanks to my huge and expansive royalty free instrumental music library, now you can add a tune to the picture and create your own moods as you go. My inspiring selection of free instrumental music downloads is your best bet in getting yourself high quality and downloadable stock music that can be yours for free.

Royalty Free Instrumental Music For All

If you are an instrumental music enthusiast looking for tracks to take your video to the next level, you’ve arrived at the right place.

OurMusicBox offers high quality free to download instrumental music, no strings attached. All you have to do is download the music, provide credit, and you are good to go.

All you need to do is stately clearly in your projects or in the credits:
“Insert Track Title here” Music by Jay Man“.

To download, simply right-click then select “Save Link As…”



Steady Towards Victory

Mid tempo. Guitars, strings. Pursuing dreams, facing challenges.
Download “Steady Towards Victory” for free now



Old Glory Days

Fast tempo, swinging jazz. Sax, trumpet and guitar solos.
Download “Old Glory Days” for free now



Rescue Mission

News – Dramatic, Emotional, Danger. Dramatic modern orchestra plays with a sense of suspense and danger.
Download “Rescue Mission” for free now



My Country Roots

Fast, fun, light hearted country.
Download “My Country Roots” for free now



Pimp City

Muted guitar with funky beat, medium tempo. Carefree, enjoying life, party feel.
Download “Pimp City” for free now



Salute To A Soldier

Indiana Jones. Upbeat orchestral military theme with a march beat. Also great for parades and marches.
Download “Salute To A Soldier” for free now



Rest Relax Meditate

Gentle, surreal, meditative. Warm tones, textures and chimes.
Download “Rest Relax Meditate” for free now


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