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Stock Music is an archive of thousands of stock music free for you to use in your projects and productions. Just credit us when using the music and if you feel the music has been useful, please donate. It will help keep me motivated to produce more free stock music tracks and keep paying the bills.

Adding music or sound effects to a multimedia project is a great way of sprucing it up and making it more engaging to an audience. But, with all the copyright laws on commercial music, where is one to go? Luckily for you, I offer the largest online collection of royalty free stock music.

All you need to do is stately clearly in your projects or in the credits:
“Insert Track Title here” Music by Jay Man“.

To download, simply right-click then select “Save Link As…”



Veil Of Suspicion

Fast movements, complex orchestration. Adventure, curious, intense, mysterious, chase.
Download free stock music “Veil Of Suspicion”



Slowing A Little

Soft and smooth groove. Piano in lead, medium tempo. Mild adventure and action, determination.
Download free stock music “Slowing A Little”



Vibrant Energy

Accordion, recorder, percussion, guitar. Up-tempo, lively.
Download free stock music “Vibrant Energy”



Thorn In My Heart

Light and easy listening, emotive, melancholic. Medium tempo.
Download free stock music “Thorn In My Heart”




A call and respond by bring trumpets in this bright regal orchestral theme.
Download free stock music “Royalty”



Thought Of Peace

Ambient, tranquil dreamy generic feel which is perfect for many applications. Neutral, peaceful, relaxing.
Download free stock music “Thought Of Peace”



Venturing Far

Upbeat, movement, travelling. Features guitars.
Download free stock music “Venturing Far”



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