Stock Music Download

Stock Music Download


Downloading our stock music from OurMusicBox is easy. Just find the perfect song and click to download. No fees. Free. If youÕve added the music in your project and it fits like hand and glove, please show your love by donating (not mandatory). Oh another thing, please let others know too. Best JayMan

If you’re looking for some free cutting edge royalty-free music for your project, then look no further. Here, you will find the best and most extensive collection of music for free stock music download. Preview the tunes you like before downloading them for your project free of charge and with no strings attached.

All you need to do is stately clearly in your projects or in the credits:
“Insert Track Title here” Music by Jay Man“.

To download, simply right-click then select “Save Link As…”



Whisking Away

Sweet, playful and romantic with walking bass. Medium tempo.
Download “Whisking Away” for free now



You Lift My Heart

Drama – Adoring, Dreamy, Romantic. Features the voilin with the piano and string section backing.
Download “You Lift My Heart” for free now



Presidential Power

Traditional military orchestral style theme. Positive, victorious, proud, patriotic.
Download “Presidential Power” for free now



Swing Thing

Jazz – Lively, Bouncy, Breezy. Tenor sax starts off with main theme. Acoustic piano solos in middle. Ends with theme. Swingin’, fun, feel good, active overall.
Download “Swing Thing” for free now



Whisper Groove

Funky beat, jazzy, mid tempo.
Download “Whisper Groove” for free now



Whistling Comic

Comical, animated, active whistling piece with sound effects.
Download “Whistling Comic” for free now



You On My Mind

Drama – Sensitive, Intimate, Romantic. Intimate flute with gentle strings.
Download “You On My Mind” for free now


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